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Our main focus in on the renewable energy sector.

What we offer

All of which, we can also do for you!

We have many years and also the international experience to assist you in the following areas:

Events and trade fairs:
Comprehensive Management of national and international fairs

Recruitment of and management of exhibitors, sponsors, industry and relevant info speakers and cooperate partners

Advertising and collateral materials for trade visitors, conference delegates, event delegates, VIPs and event guests

Organization with the latest event technology, exhibition and logistic solutions

Design and implementation of international conventions and creation of innovative industry events and networking meetings

Press work and communication
International press work and support of media representatives, including conducting press conferences, producing press releases, background reports and individual stories

Design, implementation and management of all marketing tools for all media areas (Print, TV, Web, Social Media)

Creation and maintenance of web-based communities

Video (film and TV) and audiovisual production and management of large gala events

Care of all communication processes and any Interface-Management




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